SALAD or Wrap

  Salad Served in a Cone.  Wraps Served with Kettle Chips

Makes Doctors Happy (The Healthiest)

The Mediterranean 195 Cals 

Lettuce and Herb Blend, Tabouleh, and Cucumbers tossed in a Hummus Dressing topped with Baked Chickpeas

Salad: $8           Wrap: $9

Super Food Salad 176 Cals  
protecting qualities

Salad: $8           Wrap: $9

Mom Would Be Proud (Really, Really Healthy)

Hail Caesar Salad 228 Cals
The one that started it all, a Traditional Caesar Salad with Hail Caesar Dressing with a Parmesan Tuile

Salad: $5   Wrap: $6

Caesar Niçoise 337 Cals
Chunk Tuna with diced red onion, capers and hardboiled egg and Lettuce Blend tossed in Myer Lemon Caesar Vinaigrette with a Parmesan Tuile

Salad: $8           Wrap: $9

Southwest Caesar   249 Cals
Beans, Red Peppers, Corn and Red Onion Tossed in a Avocado Caesar Dressing topped with WW Tortilla Strips

Salad: $8           Wrap: $9

It’s a Salad…(Who are we kidding?!?)

Blackened Chicken Caesar
Mild Blackened Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, tossed in Hail Caesar Dressing with a Parmesan Tuile

Salad: $8       Wrap: $9

Buffalo Chicken Caesar
Mild Buffalo Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Blue Cheese, Bacon tossed in Bacon and Blue Caesar Dressing

Salad: $8             Wrap: $9

Duck Caesar (Limited Number Available)   
House Smoked Duck, with bacon, Caramelized Onions and romaine tossed in Hail Caesar Dressing With Crispy Duck Skin Salad:
$10          Wrap: $12